Our portfolio companies create growth and jobs and solve the challenges of sustainable development

What kind of impact?

In 2018, Tesi’s portfolio companies employed 36 316 people in Finland, generating a total revenue of 5.9 billion euros and exports worth 1.6 billion euros.

  • We bring to the fore companies' social power: our portfolio companies' business operations foster growth, create jobs and solce the challenges of sustainable development.
  • We will raise Finland to the front ranks of renewable economic growth, and make Finland attractive to both companies and owners.
  • We implement the sustainable development goals of Finland's Government and the UN's 2030 Agenda.
  • Our investments promote the development of Finland's venture capital and private equity market.

How do we achieve it?

  • We promote the achievement of impact goals and corporate responsibility together with our portfolio companies and portfolio funds (over 700 companies).
  • We target our investments at sustainable development - e.g. through our Circular Economy investment programme.
  • We disseminate information and expertise to accelerate companies' growth and develop the Finnish venture capital market.
  • We measure the impact of our operations in terms of companies' growth, and in future also in terms of companies' impact on the environment and wellbeing. We report our impact annually.

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