Annual Report 2013

Fund investments

Developing the Finnish risk capital market

Finnish Industry Investment Ltd (FII) develops the Finnish risk capital market through fund investments. The key objective is to enhance the growth and internationalisation of the funds' portfolio companies.  At the same time, FII catalyses the interest of both Finnish and international funds in Finland-based companies.

In 2013, FII made new fund commitments amounting to €33 million. One of the key highlights of the year was raising FoF Growth II, which was launched in January 2014. FII made a €60 million commitment to FoF Growth II.

Fund investments in 2013
Fund Commitment (€m)
CapMan Buyout X B Fund Ky 10.0
FSN Capital Fund IV L.P. 10.2
Inventure Fund II Ky 3.0
Lifeline Ventures Fund I Ky 3.0
Verdane Capital VIII K/S 6.8
Total 33.0

FoF Growth

In 2009-2013, FoF Growth I made commitments totalling €129 million. The portfolio includes 11 Finnish venture capital and small buyout funds. In 2013, FoF Growth I made a significant commitment to Inventure II and raised its commitment to Lifeline Ventures Fund I and VisionPlus Fund I.

In 2013, FII was actively fund-raising for FoF Growth II, which was launched in January 2014 with €130 million at first closing.

FoF Growth II

  • Fund-of-funds managed by FII 
  • €130 million at first closing 
  • Investors include FII, Ilmarinen, Keva, Elo and State Pension Fund 
  • Investment period 2014–2018
  • Investment focus on venture capital and small buyout funds 


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