Annual Report 2013

Direct investments

Accelerating new growth

With direct investments, FII enhances the growth and internationalisation of Finnish companies. Direct investments focus on high value growth companies and mergers and acquisitions.

In 2013, FII made new direct investments totalling €37 million. FII exited fully from six companies and partly from five companies.

Direct investments in 2013
Company Sector Investment €m
Aker Arctic Technology Inc Business & industrial services 9.4
Beneq Oy Business & industrial products 1.2
Coronaria Hoitoketju Oy Life Sciences 2.0
Enevo Oy Energy & environment 1.0
Finnprotein Oy Chemicals & materials 6.7
Glaston Oyj Abp Business & industrial products 1.5
IonPhasE Oy Chemicals & materials 0.2
M-Files Oy Computers & consumer electronics 3.0
Mendor Oy Life Sciences 0.5
Multi Touch Oy Computers & consumer electronics 0.5
Nordic Tank Oy Business & industrial products 0.3
Rightware Oy Computers & consumer electronics 1.5
Scoopshot/P2S Media Group Oy Business & industrial services 0.4
Silecs International Pte. Ltd Computers & consumer electronics 0.1
SkySQL Corporation Ab Computers & consumer electronics 1.3
Talenom Group Oy Business & industrial services 5.5
Thermisol Oy Construction 0.7
Visedo Oy Business & induatrial products 0.9
TOTAL 36.8

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