Annual Report 2013

Mission, vision and values


Finnish Industry Investment Ltd is a government-owned investment company that promotes and stimulates Finnish business, employment and economic growth through venture capital and private equity investments.  Investments in funds enhance the development and internationalisation of Finland's risk capital market. Direct investments, for their part, strengthen competitiveness in promising growth sectors. 

FII's key principle is to work hand-in-hand with private investors from Finland and abroad, to share risk while increasing the supply of funding, investment expertise and networks to Finnish companies.



FII seeks to be a preferred partner for other investors, who value its expertise and feel that when co-operating with FII they receive added value both in screening companies and in managing existing investments.

FII's operations must be profitable in the long-term. The investment portfolio is managed in a way that investments are sufficiently diversified and that profitablility can be achieved in the long term.



  • Financially-driven

FII's guiding principle is that all its investment activities are conducted on market terms. Investments are made hand-in-hand, and on equal terms, with a private co-investors. Operating on market terms ensures that FII does not distort the market to the detriment of private players.

  • Result-oriented

The company's operations must be profitable over the long-term so that the return on investment exceeds the general level of inflation. Result orientation also means achieving a viable result in terms of Finland's industrial policy, i.e. meeting the targets set for economic impact.

  • Responsible

FII's operations are guided by the principles of responsible investment. The company operates as a long-term investor and endeavours, both in its operations and in its decisions, to address the needs of stakeholders.

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