Annual Report 2013

Renewal of economic structures

Accelerating new growth

Finnish Industry Investment Ltd's (FII) investments can be seen as a vehicle to renew economic structures and increase productivity. In direct investments, FII puts special emphasis on key business sectors. These sectors have been chosen by growth potential or economic significance.

In 2013, FII was an active investor in the cleantech and service sectors and studied the bioeconomy and maritime clusters.


  • Cleantech has been one of FII's priority sectors for many years.
  • In total, FII has made direct investments into 26 cleantech companies amounting to €50 million. Many venture capital funds in FII's portfolio have made investments into cleantech companies.
  • In 2013, FII made direct investments in 6 cleantech companies totalling €5.5 million.  
  • In 2011, FII and FoF Growth both made a €10 million commitment to Power Fund III, which focuses on cleantech investments.

Investment programme for the mining cluster

  • FII has invested in the mining cluster for 10 years. In total, FII has made investments amounting to €40 million in altogether nine companies of which four have already been exited. Five of the companies have started mining operations.
  • Through the programme, FII has been involved in altogether €2 billion of mining investments and creating hundreds of jobs in Finland. Mining projects have a broad impact on regional growth, economic structures and employment. FII invests in junior companies, often funding the feasibility study, which is high-risk investment activity and determines whether the actual mine will be constructed. The actual construction phase of the mines, which involve large capital needs, are typically left to larger investors than FII or public equity markets.  
  • In addition, FII has helped mining companies raise additional finance. In particular the stock exchanges in Sweden, Australia and Canada have provided capital for mining companies operating in Finland. After having been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, FII has taken an active role in listing Sotkamo Silver and Endomines to Helsinki in order to enhance Finnish ownership in the mining sector.





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