Annual Report 2013

Attracting international capital

Local partner for international investors

Finnish Industry Investment Ltd (FII) enhances international investments into Finland in two ways: FII makes fund investments in international risk capital funds and co-invests in Finnish companies together with international investors. For international investors, FII is a local partner in Finland.

Fund investments

FII has made a total of €179 million in commitments to 20 international risk capital funds. The total capital raised by these funds amounts to €9.7 billion. FII's investments have been diversified in early-stage, growth and buyout funds. By the end of 2013, these funds have called in €127 million from FII, and invested a total of €123 million in 34 Finnish companies. Many of these funds are currently in the investment phase.  

FII has also actively enhanced EU financing into the Finnish risk capital market. The main channel has been fund investments made together with the European Investment Fund. Altogether, EIF has committed €437 million to FII's portfolio funds, which invest in Finland.

Direct investments

In 2011-2013, FII made 22 direct investments together with an international co-investor. In these financing rounds, companies raised a total of €217 million, of which €126 million came from international investors.  


Team Finland


The Team Finland network promotes Finland and its interests abroad, such as company internationalisation and investments into Finland. FII participates actively in Team Finland by enhancing the internationalisation of Finland's risk capital market and attracting capital to Finnish companies. In 2013, FII was a matchmaking partner at the startup conference Slush as a part of Team Finland. A large group of first-tier international investors participated in Slush.


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